An approximate 70–95-minute domestic flight across the equator from Male’ International Airport to Gan Airport or a direct flight to Gan International Airport via selected airlines, Canareef Resort is only a 10-minute speedboat ride away.

Maldives Canareef Transfer Map

A Tropical Haven Awaits

Embark on an adventure to the tropical paradise that awaits you at Canareef Resort Maldives.

Set your compass for Canareef Resort, a gem nestled in the tranquil Addu Atoll, at the southernmost tip of the Maldives on Herathera Island.

Immerse yourself in our tropical paradise stepping into a picture-perfect island getaway. The natural beauty of the island unfolds in stunning landscapes, from azure waters that gently lap against endless white sandy beaches, to the lush greenery that drapes our resort.

As you explore, discover a vibrant undersea world teeming with marine life, painting a colorful spectacle beneath the crystal-clear waters. Canareef Resort beckons you to experience the magic and marvel at the breathtaking beauty firsthand, as you create your very own island memories.

Domestic Flight + Speedboat Ride

Your journey to Canareef begins with a flight to Male’ International Airport. From there, enjoy a scenic 75 – 95 minute domestic flight to Gan Airport, followed by a swift 10 minute speedboat ride to our island paradise.

Equator Crossing to The Resort

Experience a journey like no other as you cross the equator en route to our resort. To commemorate this unique crossing, all guests who travel to our island via domestic flight will receive a personalized Equator Crossing Certificate presented by the Captain of the airplane.

International Flight + Speedboat Ride

Enjoy a seamless journey to Canareef Resort Maldives by flying directly to Gan International Airport via Colombo, followed by a quick and convenient 10 minute speed boat ride to our tropical paradise. Sri Lankan Airlines currently operates direct flights from Colombo to Gan International Airport.

To arrange Domestic flights, the Resort must receive all transfer details at time of booking accommodation and no later than 2 (two) weeks prior to arrival, including, full name of all visitors as it appears in the passport along with the flight details to and from Maldives. Resort will not guarantee same day transfers if transfer details are not received within this time or if the transfer details are amended within 10 days of arrival.


  1. Upon arrival to Male’ International Airport, guests will be met by our Airport Representative at the arrival terminal holding a placard with our Resort Name.
  2. Our Airport Representative will escort guests to the Domestic Terminal and assist with check-in.
  3. Once checked-in, guests will be invited to relax at the Moonimaa Lounge while waiting for the Domestic Flight. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi and light refreshments with the compliments of the Resort.
  4. Upon arrival at Gan Airport, our Airport Representative will receive the guests and direct them to the Speed Boat as soon as it’s ready to depart.

Complimentary Lounge service from Moonimaa Lounge at the Domestic Terminal at Male’ Airport is available on arrival for ALL GUESTS of Canareef Resort Maldives.

Complimentary Lounge service from Moonimaa Lounge at the Domestic Terminal at Male’ Airport is also available on departure for those with over 4 hours of transit time between their domestic and international departure flights.

Ensuring a Smooth Journey

Embark on a scenic journey from Malé International Airport to our beautiful resort located 536 km away. A 90-minute domestic flight will take you to Gan International Airport (GAN), treating you to breathtaking views of the Maldivian archipelago.

Baggage Guidelines

For a comfortable flight, there is a per-person baggage restriction for the transfer. You are allowed a maximum of 20kg of check-in luggage and a handbag with a maximum weight of 5kg. Please note that any excess weight is chargeable.

Transfer Charges

Our round-trip transfer charges are as follows:

  • Adults: USD 395 per adult
  • Children: USD 315 per child (between 2 to 12 years)
  • Infants: No charge


  1. All transfers to and from Canareef Resort Maldives will be arranged exclusively by the Resort.
  2. Domestic flights and Speed boat Transfer are required for Transfer 0 0 0s from Male’ and are applicable for clients who are arriving on international flights direct to Male’ airport or arriving to the resort from within the atolls around Male’
  3. Domestic flight duration from Male’ to Gan for direct flights are approximately 75 to 95 minutes and Speed boat
    Transfer duration from Gan to Canareef is approximately 10 minutes. Domestic Flights that are not direct and involves a stop may take a short while longer.
  4. Domestic flight transfers are handled by a third-party (Island Aviation Service) IAS.
  5. To arrange Domestic Flights and Speedboat Transfers, the Resort requires International Flight details to be submitted
    by the Tour Operator/ Travel Agent at the time of booking accommodation, and no later than 2 weeks before travelling. Full names of all guests as it appears in the passport along with the flight details to and from Maldives are required.
  6. Any amendments must be submitted to the Resort by the Tour Operator/ Travel Agent no later than 10 days before arrival date. In order to get the best connections or same day connections, IAS requires the Resort to submit final lists including final amendments 10 days before date of arrival.
  7. Resort will not guarantee same day transfers if transfer details are not received within this time or if the transfer details are amended within 10 days of arrival.
  8. For passengers who are arriving at MALE’ airport after 22:00hrs, same day transfer to the resort cannot be guaranteed and the resort will gladly assist the clients with overnight accommodation at Hulhumale or Male’. Overnight accommodation charges are to be borne by the clients and their transfer to the resort will be the following day subject to availability.
  9. Passengers who are departing from Male’ airport before 09:00hrs, may need to depart the resort the night before and again, in such a case the resort will gladly assist 0 the clients with overnight accommodation at Hulhumale or Male’, with overnight accommodation charges to be borne by the clients.
  10. Domestic transfer provider imposes a luggage restriction of 20KG of checked luggage and 5KG of hand luggage. Maximum dimensions for hand luggage is 20 x 12 x 7 inches = 44 linear inches (L+W+H). Additional weight will be charged by the airline at USD 3.89 per kg plus applicable taxes at the check-in desk/counter.
  11. Domestic transfer provider imposes a cancellation fee of USD 65 per ticket for any changes made to domestic flight tickets within 96 hours to travel.
  12. The transfer service provider, Island Aviation Services (Maldivian) may cancel or delay the flight(s) under Air Charter Agreement that hotelier signed without being liable to pay any cancellation fees or compensation whatsoever in the event that the schedule flight(s) cannot be performed or completed due to any cause beyond control of the Island Aviation Services (Maldivian) , including- but not limited to, strikes, lockouts, civil commotion, war or warlike operation or imminence thereof, riot, civil war, blockade, embargo, acts or omissions of government authorities including all civil aviation authorities, acts of God, fire, flood, fog, storm, epidemics, quarantine, hijacking, requisition of aircraft by public authorities, including all civil aviation authorities, or safety of passengers and/or property is deemed by the aircraft commander or the Carrier’s operational supervisors to be in jeopardy. In case of such cancellation the hotelier shall be under no obligation or liability to the tour operators, travel agents, or guests beyond refund of the agreed charter price for such cancelled flights, or the cancelled part of charter flight.
  13. Please know that the Resort, nor the Transfer provider shall be held liable for any claims arising from missed/delayed international or domestic flights due to delays or cancelations caused by adverse weather conditions, force majeure and acts of God.
  14. Resort Airport representatives will wait for client’s arrival either at Male’ airport or Gan airport for any assistance which they may require on arrival or while on departure.

Embrace the Jewel of the Indian Ocean

Set Sail for a Paradise Where Nature Meets Adventure

Embark on a journey of discovery and indulgence where the mesmerizing whispers of the Indian Ocean guide you to our island paradise. Canareef Resort Maldives, nestled in the heart of the expansive turquoise atolls, is your gateway to an idyllic retreat.

Surrender to the pristine nature that blankets our island, from lush greenery to expansive oceans teeming with vibrant marine life. Home to 25 unique dive sites, our location is a diver’s paradise, offering an array of underwater experiences that will leave you in awe.

Watch the dance of playful dolphins, marvel at the stunning horizon views, and immerse yourself in a milieu that seamlessly blends serenity and excitement.

Our host of activities, from water sports to cultural experiences, ensures that every day of your stay is filled with memorable moments and new adventures. Look forward to creating a treasure trove of unforgettable memories at Canareef Resort Maldives, your perfect getaway.

The Experience at Canareef – As Told by Our Guests

“Overall the experience has been quite good. The hotel has a wonderful beach on the south of the island, the water is crystal clear in there. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with great AC and facilities to enjoy yourself.”

Saikat DasModak

“I had a wonderful stay at Canareef Resort Maldives! The experience was truly exceptional, from the moment I arrived until the time I left. The resort’s stunning location amidst the crystal-clear waters and lush greenery created a picture-perfect paradise… I can’t wait to visit Canareef Resort Maldives again in the future!”

Benjamin Hieber

“Fantastic island – the largest we’ve been to in the Maldives (4.5km, 2.8 miles long) and one of the most beautiful. Friendly, helpful and very happy staff (they never stop smiling!) look after you and have just the right amount of attentiveness.”

Richard Shaw