Dive into a World of Underwater Wonders

Canareef Resort offers you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of marine life surrounding the Maldives all year round. As you dive into the aquamarine waters, spot majestic mantas, green sea turtles, and large sharks throughout the year. Dive into the depths at our renowned Manga Point and Tiger Shark Point, and experience the thrill of underwater encounters.  

Whether you’re a beginner eager to explore the ocean’s beauty or an experienced diver seeking advanced challenges, our diverse dive courses cater to your needs.

Our diving programs offer you access to over 25 spectacular dive sites around our resort, with each site presenting a unique adventure.

Delve into the vibrant underwater world of coral reefs that surround the island as you explore the technicolor spectacle of nature’s artistry

From playful dolphins to majestic mantas, our surrounding waters teem with diverse marine life. Encounter diverse marine life and experience the vibrancy of the Maldives underwater ecosystem.

Fully immerse yourself in the underwater wonders with our diving facilities and equipment. You will get expert guides to take you on the diving adventure.

Unveil the Underwater Secrets

At Canareef Resort, diving transcends being a mere activity – it is a gateway to an enchanting world beneath the waves. Each dive propels you on an extraordinary journey, letting you discover the ocean’s secrets – be it the mesmerizing dance of tropical fish amidst vivid coral reefs or the thrilling sight of majestic marine creatures in their natural habitat.

Over 25 distinctive dive spots dot the atoll, presenting a new adventure with each dive. Greet playful dolphins, get swept away by the grace of manta rays, or experience the awe-inducing presence of tiger sharks – residents of the Addu Atoll that can be sighted year-round.

Not just a celebration of marine biodiversity, our diving experiences also offer a dive into history. Explore the hauntingly beautiful shipwreck of ‘British Loyalty,’ a relic from the World War II era resting on the ocean floor. Marvel at the expansive “Bodu Hoholha,” counted among the region’s largest underwater caves.

Your stay at Canareef goes beyond a tropical retreat. It is an invitation to a vibrant underwater realm rich with intriguing historical treasures and countless marine marvels. Ignite your spirit of adventure and create indelible memories as you dive into the very heart of the Maldives.

Map Of Addu dive points

Maldives, Addu Dive points Map 2023

First & foremost, you will be Diving in the most Southern Point of the Maldives. The feeling itself is incredible! There are four natural channels in the atoll; Gan Kandu, Vilingili Kandu, Maa Kandu, and Kuda Kandu. AND THERE ARE 27 DIVES SITES TO CHOOSE FROM!

The channels of Addu Atoll are phenomenal with currents that are dive-able at most times for all levels of divers. In these channels chances are highly likely that you will encounter large marine life like; Manta Rays, Sharks, Barracudas, Eagle Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, large Green Sea Turtles, etc. It is in the channel of Maa Kandu that lies THE FAMOUS cleaning station for Manta Rays where no matter what season it is, Mantas are seen with an incoming current ALL YEAR round!

Also inside the atoll, for Adventure Diver Fanatics, there lies a 140m long 5583 tons oil tanker SHIPWRECK called ‘The British Loyalty,rich in its history and was sunk during WWII with visible torpedo damages that can be explored in the dive.

As this is a lone Atoll, the outside reefs are surrounded by the VAST DEEP OCEAN. Due to this, the drop-offs of the reefs and reef corners allows you to see spectacular landscape dives giving you a feeling that you are floating on top of a volcanic mountain. Encounters of the surrounding open waters also doesn’t disappoint! There are sightings of large pelagic life such as Oceanic Mantas, Large Sharks, Tunas and the feeling of knowing that there’s possibly anything that can come up from these deep waters!

A Maldivian vacation should be filled with captivating experiences. A holiday at Canareef Resort Maldives is the perfect way to explore the wonders of the Maldives!


I’ve never dived before. Can I still dive at Canareef Resort?

Absolutely! We offer diving courses for beginners where you’ll be trained by our experienced instructors. Safety is our priority, and we ensure you’re comfortable and confident before diving into the ocean.

 How many dive spots do you have?

We have over 25 unique dive spots in the Atoll, including historical sites like the World War II shipwreck ‘British Loyalty’ and the large underwater cave ‘Bodu Hoholha.’

What marine life can I expect to see when diving?

Our surrounding waters teem with a wide array of marine life including playful dolphins, majestic manta rays, large tiger sharks, and a variety of tropical fish. These creatures can be seen year-round in Addu Atoll.

Do I need to bring my own diving equipment?

We provide all the necessary diving equipment for our guests. However, if you prefer to use your own gear, you’re most welcome to do so.

Is there a specific time to go diving?

Dive times can vary based on the dive site and weather conditions. Our diving instructors will guide you on the best times to dive to ensure a safe and memorable experience.

Can I dive alone?

For safety reasons, we advise all our guests to dive with a buddy or an instructor, regardless of their level of experience.